All products are lined up with carefully selected materials related to Hokkaido.
It is a souvenir shop filled with the deliciousness of Hokkaido, consisting of products that perfectly satisfy these two points: "It originates from Hokkaido" and "It is a Hokkaido ingredient."
You can leisurely enjoy shopping and dining at the eat-in corner.

food corner

This is a food and souvenir corner consisting of Hokkaido ingredients and foods derived from Hokkaido, such as carefully selected livestock meat, marine products, brewing (sake, miso, soy sauce), ingredients for sweets, etc.

Drink/sake corner

A full lineup of craft gin, craft beer, wine, shochu, and sake.
We also offer products that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.
The snack corner is also substantial, so it is irresistible for alcohol lovers.

Eat-in corner

You can enjoy a leisurely meal here, from the products in the store to the "Ganso Ageimo" sold at the fast food corner.
There are also two seats available at the face-to-face counter exclusively for infants. You can sit your baby on the baby chair inside the counter and eat while facing each other.

Recommended products

demon smoke

Smoked pistachio smoked with Ezo mountain cherry chips that were damaged by the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake.
Rokusuke salt is used for seasoning.
This is an original product that can only be purchased at Boyou Nakayama.

800 yen

premium soft cream

The premium soft-serve ice cream with the maximum milk feeling, which is a collaboration with the Hakodate Dairy Public Corporation, uses Hakodate milk, which is compatible with higher ranks in the rank of Hokkaido milk, which has continued to protect the basics of making soil, making grass, and making cows.
This is a soft-serve ice cream made with 40 years of good milk from the Hakodate Dairy Public Corporation, and does not use eggs.

500 yen

Espresso coffee and Hokkaido coffee milk

Uses Sapporo Ueshima's highest peak coffee beans "LARGO".
A unique aroma and taste realized by extracting with a maximum pressure of 55%, which is possible only with a hybrid coffee machine, and increasing the amount of beans per cup by 30 to 70% more than usual.
We recommend the luxurious coffee milk, which is made by pouring plenty of 100% Hokkaido fresh milk into a small amount of rich coffee.

500 yen

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